Advocating Against Romance Scammers
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Latest Update - Advocating Against Romance Scams
*** UPDATE ***
Published on Thu Oct 10 10:04pm
October 9, 2019
Another positive call! It’s a great day when you can say that voices are being heard!
To start, we were informed by the Legislative Director that the House Committee on Energy & Commerce will be having a hearing on “Fostering a Healthier Internet to Protect Consumers” on October 16, 2019 at 10:00am EST. The two Subcommittee’s, Communications and Technology and Consumer Protection, will come together to speak on the issues of internet communications and technology as well as consumer protection today. It is not determined if the hearing will be shown on CSPAN, often depending on the hottest topic at that time. You can go onto the website at to view any updated information.
As for Representative Kinzinger’s office, they are moving along steadily. If anything is to be drawn up, all research must be done with precision. When presenting to the House, it’s crucial to have all your I’s dotted and T’s crossed. Please know, work and research is continuing to be done and we have not been told “there’s nothing we can do”! That in itself is hugely encouraging! A follow up call was suggested with Bryan and I for the very near future.
The Legislative Director did reiterate the benefit of letters written by those effected by romance scams. Are you a victim of a scam? Have your photos been or continue to be used to create cyber crimes through identity theft? Your story and or experience shared would be greatly appreciated and beneficial! Please send your story to myscamstory@gmail.comWe will provide all letters to the Congressman’s office. If you choose to send the letter directly to Representative Kinzingers’ office, please mail your letter to:
The Honorable Adam Kinzinger
2245 Rayburn HOB
Washington, DC 20515
Our Cause
Sgt. Stuart James
Lt. Jeffrey Miller
Medic Sally Clarke
Sgt. Jason Jordan
Maj. Gordon Hannett
Scammers, especially Military Romance Scammers are all over social media networks. These scammers use pictures, names and valor's of men and women who are actively serving in our military, retired or are deceased. The scammers are aware how highly Americans think and feel for their military and they use this to pull at the heart strings of vulnerable men & women.
Working with retired Colonel Bryan Denny from the United States Army whose pictures, name and children have been used in the scammers story, We have come to realize just what an epidemic this is. Unfortunately, many of the victims are afraid, ashamed, and embarrassed to come forward. Many just want to forget about the scam and move on with their lives. That is why we bring this petition to you.
Due to the overwhelming numbers of fraudulent accounts throughout social media and the unidentified number of victims, we all need to be the voice. Social Media has a great amount of power, and with power comes an abundance of responsibility.
Our Battle
Because of the majority of romance scammers residing in other countries, the United States has very little jurisdiction over these criminals, therefore we must work from where and what we know, and that is through the United States and our legislative system.
We are looking to encourage social media sites to provide more public service announcements by way of television, movie theater ads, magazines, radio, etc. and provide additional man power to their fraudulent account tracking system as well as upgrading their security system to recognize these duplicated accounts that are recreated literally moments to hours after being deleted.
Facial recognition does not solve all problems, especially when these scammers are using generic pictures (flowers, hearts etc.) on their profiles and cyber security is unable to recognize this discrepancy.
Our Proposal - Advocating For You
Section 230
Washington, D.C.
U.S. Congress
Letters to Congress
Public Outcry
We are working hard to find a Champion to take on our proposal to amend Section 230 of the Communication Decency Act of 1996 with the focus on identity theft. When this law was put into place 20 years ago there was little to no thought of the extreme type of crimes that could and or would be posted onto the social media platforms.

This law gives social media a "get out of jail free" card, in other words, they are not held responsible for anything posted to their site by their own consumers. These sites are used as breeding grounds, and the social media companies are fully aware.

We are not people who promote regulation, however it is very obvious, in previous news stories and with our own investigation, that self regulation is not the answer to consumer safety and security. We are proposing routine technology upgrades, additional staff to match growing population and ongoing up to date education. Items that are not successfully being done under self regulation.
Personal Note
Having over an estimated 3500 volunteer/advocate hours not including our in person and or teleconference meetings, along with travel, We have no plans to cease this fight, but every intention to follow through until identity theft victims and scam survivors feel vindicated. We feel it is an honor and a privilege to be a voice for so many
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