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About Us - Advocating Against Romance Scams
About Us
Colonel Bryan Denny (Ret.) is an online identity theft victim and Mrs. Kathy Waters, a friend of a romance scam survivor who fell victim to a scammer by way of Bryan's photos. After Kathy approached Bryan to help confirm the scam, the two joined forces to help bring awareness to all platform customers, congressional departments, and other government agencies such as the Federal Trade Commission, the United States Pentagon, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The duo has also presented multiple researched reports on platform safety to Facebook Inc., resulting in sit down meetings with members of their policy advisory, technology and security team.
As of today, Kathy and Bryan are encouraging a change to Section 230 of the Communication Decency Act, and have engaged with several legislative staff on the issue.
Bryan and Kathy understand the hardships, embarrassment, and victimization that comes along with romance scams and they are honored to help be the voice that so many entrust onto them.
Colonel Bryan Denny (Ret.)
I'm Colonel Bryan Denny, A Retired U.S. Army Colonel with over 26 years of military service. I have my Masters in Strategic Studies and Military Art and Science. My pictures have been widely used by scammers on the social & dating sites leading me to want to make a change in the name of platform safety. When not fighting this good fight, I am spending time with my family, co-running a successful consulting firm, and participating in historical military reenactments in the states and abroad.
Kathy Waters
I'm Kathy Waters, co-founder of Advocating Against Romance Scammers! I hold a Masters in Psychology and Bachelors in Human Services. Prior to advocating, I worked as a Social Services Director for seven years specializing in geriatrics. My days consist of working full time for a highly reputable medical provider, spending time with my supportive husband, twin girls, and advocating for all scam survivors and identity theft victims.
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