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Published on Tue Dec 04 04:26pm
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It's been a year since working with Facebook on the fake accounts. Our report has been written and ready to send this week! A rendition of the report will be provided in the next week as well.

Will Facebook listen to our findings? Will they accept the need for help for their customers over their want to self regulate?

Share away! Only people are aware when made aware! Thank you again everyone for your continued support!
Canadian News Publication
Published on Tue Nov 27 12:41am
Hi Everyone, If you are a Canadian resident and a scam survivor interested in sharing your story to help educate others with a Canadian News Publication, please direct message me. Thank you for your consideration. Names can be anonymous.
Published on Tue Nov 27 08:35am
See more details on our YouTube Video
Will Facebook work with congress to make their platforms safer? Will they meet with us to hear the voice of their customers? Will other companies take interest and meet with us?

A Canadian News article will be interviewing us as well and looking for a few Canadian scam survivors to share their story and help raise awareness!
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